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The Junglebook - Das Dschungelbuch


by Rudyard Kipling
Badisches Staatstheater Karlsruhe,
from 8.11.14

Directed by Lee Beagley
Designed by Anna Siegrot

An adaption by Lee Beagley

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It sounds like a dream.
Deep in the Indian jungle
lives a man's cub
among wolf siblings.
Once separated from his family
through the Tiger Shere Khan ,
the little Mowgli learns
from the animals
of the jungle the law of the wilderness.
Travellers listen to the stories
of an old travel guide.
He seems to know everything about the jungle.
He passionately tells about Baloo the bear,
Bagheera, the black panther and their adventures,
as if he had been there himself.

Played by:
Konstantin Achmed Bürger, Mona Hempel, Jens Koch,Matthias Rott / Christian Dräger and Carla Weingarten