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The work of Shakespeare and the Playhouse were the natural children of Elizabethan London. The centrifugal force of that London sucked in people and cultures and spat them out transformed or exhausted. The world poured into London as a global trading port and individuals like Shakespeare gravitated towards London to take their chances and realise their dreams. Injustice, riches, fortunes, personal disasters,
the power of the state and the energy of the streets, sat side by
side in this hells kitchen. The Shakespearean Playhouse lived
next to the most vulgar and brutal forms of entertainment.
Shakespeare's work never ran away from this reality.

In a sense London was out of control, ever expanding, difficult to police and difficult to organise. Shakespeare's work reshaped the antique theatre to the rhythm of that contemporary life. Mixing old
time story telling with modern curiosities.



In Shakespeare's work dreams and desires coexist in an environment of corruption and exploitation. In Shakespeare human understanding is faced by brutal reality and I find this battleground of human potential and frustration fascinating.

The playhouse with it's cross cultural and varied social audience, the location of the theatre in the middle of London life (low and high), and the direct impact of Shakespearean theatre, have remained strongest reference point for my work.

1981 Macbeth. The tragedy of a nation (a country that weeps and bleeds) pitted against the personal obsession of the military king. Murder for duty, for ambition, for power, and ultimately the futile murder of innocence and honesty.
English National Touring for Kaboodle Productions.
King Lear. The approach was ritualistic, violent, comical and free ranging. The style was led by the mood swings and circumstances of the patriarch who demands blind obedience from those who feel the need to save him from being a fool. Elements of metal and fire eventually collapsed around a simple stage cloth. The delicate structure of the throne became a gallows. A live score played on violin, mouth harp, saxophone, trombone, and harmonica.
Continual national touring,the production reopened the Everyman Theatre Liverpool,and played at Manchester City of Drama Festival, Almagro Festival Spain. Winner of Best Fringe Production Manchester Evening News.
Kaboodle Productions.
Scene from King Lear
1996 Hamlet. Set in a classroom where the passions of the play run riot amongst the young people who are playing the roles. Books became weapons and the court of Elsinore often became a playground of angry kids.
National Tour, Liverpool, London and Opera House Malta.
Winner of Best Production Liverpool Arts Awards.
1997 Twelfth Night. A comic celebration of a young woman's adventure set in a landscape of colour with underwater flash backs of struggle. It included a garden of inflatable plants. The company mixed actors with stand up comedians. There was a live band in the piece.
The Liverpool Everyman Theatre and Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia
1998 Romeo and Julia. Set in a strange circus tent under a Spiders Web, where Queen Mab was suspended as she watched the melodrama. Like a spider she fed off of the mistakes of frailty and the victims caught in the web of their own destructive power.
Staatstheater Kassel, Germany.
Scene from Romeo and Julia
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