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Kaboodle started out as an ad hoc group of international artists brought together at the Oval House in London by Johnny Melville. The group of 1978 that came together to make Monkey (a re-shaping of the Chinese legend via Kurt Voneghet) proved to be particularly creative. We constantly toured England and the rest of Europe for two years.

Circus based story telling, experiments in film like story telling, musical story telling, improvised events, street shows and contact with many international practitioners made this my real drama training.It opened my eyes to the many possibilities of theatre and the crafts of multi-disciplined theatre.


After being a student of comparative literature I was hungry to engage in every aspect of live story telling. I joined the company as an actor but after two years of devising and brain storming I became artistic director of Kaboodle Productions which continued to tour the UK and elsewhere until 2002. More and more I became interested in the content of the stories being told and inventing a style appropriate to each story.

Below is just a sample of the shows that we toured between 1980 and 2002. We worked as an ensemble trying out everything in rehearsal, often using improvisation, music and design to find a show, as much as an existing text. The ensemble was constantly reshaping, I was especially keen to give young people from all backgrounds and cultures opportunity to bring their talent to an independent theatre vision. It was also important that the company was open to people who may not come from the traditional training route to the theatre.

Mr Roland's Medicine
Inspired by the Browning Poem Child Roland To the Dark Tower Came.
A gothic thriller with a full church organ sound played live.
London, Munich, Edinburgh, English and German Tours.

Scene from "Inside Story"

Scene from "Threepenny Story"

Scene from "The Gangster Show"

Scene from "Master of the World"

Scene from "Threepenny Story"

The Gangsterband

Scene from "Mr Roland's Medicine"

Inside Story
Antonin Artaud, Charley Chaplin's Mother, Joan of Arc Don Quixote, and some guy on the barrel organ. A celebration of the unreasonable, performed in institutional pyjamas, with an axe, a piece of wood and a tin bath.
London, English and German Tours.
No Waiting
Two men at the end of a road robbing one another of food and dignity.
A comedy with a cabaret style ending. Live music.
Manchester, English Tour, German Tour, Edinburgh, Baltimore USA
Rasputin the Forbidden Story
A floor cloth, a glass screen and an old fridge.
A picaresque fantasy that followed the fictional survival of the Russian pilgrim from his assassination to the ghettos of Berlin to the clubs of Paris, to the stiff collars of England to the Ice Cream Parlours and voodoo rituals of New Orleans. Live music played an assortment of roots guitars.
English tour, Philadelphia, Baltimore, San Francisco, San Diego, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, and German Tour
1987 Woyzek
George Büchner.
Played by two performers.
A female psychiatrist picks the mind of a man accused of killing his loved one.
Performed with members of the Krysler Orchestra.
English tour and Berlin City of Culture.
1989 Delivery Man
A co-production with Loudmouth Mime of Liverpool.
A prodigal son story about drug culture made in consultation with organisations for drug dependence. Rotating glass doors using music from Jaco Pastourius and Charlie Parker.
Liverpool and national tour.
A Threepenny Story
The veterans Story. A political satire in the style of English Popular theatre and music featuring the cult band from Liverpool: The Wizards of Twiddly.
GEMS Cultural Singen Germany and produced for the Liverpool Festival of Comedy. Germany, Liverpool and national Tour.
Soho Story
The Immigrants Story.
Story of pop roots and racial tension, told in song.
London Young Vic run and Liverpool. Also Touring and Theatre Factory, Brussels.
OTHER WORK Includes:
1995 The Caretaker
By Harold Pinter. The Liverpool Everyman Theatre
1995 Miss Julie
By Augustus Strindberg, relocated to the plantations of Lousiana, where breeding was everything. The breeding of the Aristocrats versus the mulatto culture. Music by Duke Ellington. Nominated best production Liverpool Arts Awards. Unity theatre and Everyman theatre.
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